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Next round starts on january 16th in 2024

what is a 10 Week Hybrid Yoga COURSE?

Hybrid means you can virtually attend a real class or join the group physically in Innsbruck. So you can enter the classroom either virtual or in person.

If you join online, you’ll be part of a consistent yoga community, all from the comfort of your living room. 

If you prefer in-person attendance, you’ll get hands-on guidance and share the experience with others. It’s up to you!

Why a 10 Week Hybrid YOGA COURSE?

The best part is that this group lasts for 10 weeks. Unlike a one-time class, you’ll be in a set group of students, learning and exercising together. Each week builds on the previous one.

Sounds good? Let’s check if the course fits into your weekly schedule.

In Person Capacity: 8 People
Online Only Capacity: Unlimited
Course Language: German 🇩🇪

choose your program

The deep dive for advanced yogis

499 EUR for 10 weeks

You already experienced yoga and you are ready to dive deeper into the yoga system. Learn about your emotional holding patterns in your body. Release tension in your body through understanding. 

  • In person or online session every Tuesday at 7.30pm
  • Yoga Studio: Körper & Energeriearbeit Freiraum, Innsbruck.
  • 60 morning routines included
  • Private session with Naresh included
  • Course language: German

    Course Start: Tuesday | January, 16h 2024

The FundamentalS for beginners

399 EUR for 10 weeks

Start with yoga from scratch and learn the basics. Answer basic questions: Why am I stressed and how can I relax with breath, movement and awareness.

  • In person or online session every Thursday at 6pm
  • Yoga Studio: Körper & Energeriearbeit Freiraum, Innsbruck.
  • 60 morning routines included
  • Private session with Naresh included
  • Course language: German


    Course Start: Thursday |  January, 18th 2024

our Courses in numbers

Weekly classes
Morning Sessions
1on1 Session
Min of Yoga

my way of teaching yoga

My yoga classes are a safety zone, to express, move and feel alive.
Langsame Ausführung, verschiedene Hilfsmittel und präzise Anweisungen geben dir genügend Zeit, um die Positionen "richtig" einzunehmen. Die Einflüsse Ihrer Emotionen werden berücksichtigt, so dass du lernst, auf deinen Körper zu hören. Loslassen bedeutet, auf die eigenen Fähigkeiten zu vertrauen. Dort, wo du gerade bist, bist du genau richtig.

what to expect

How the course is designed

Weekly Topics: Each week focuses on a specific theme, starting with understanding your body structures like shoulders, hips, or lower back. As we progress, we delve into emotional aspects such as anger, stress, or anxiety.

Yoga Routine at 7:05 from Monday to Friday: Incorporate a yoga routine into your daily life at 7:05. This helps you build a consistent practice at home.

1-on-1 Sessions: These personalized sessions aim to boost your individual skill level. They also provide an opportunity to address and work on personal issues you might be facing.

In summary, the program takes you through understanding your body, explores emotional aspects in later weeks, encourages a daily yoga routine, and offers individualized sessions for personal growth and issue resolution.

What will happen to you in 10 weeks?

The combination of a weekly class, a daily morning routine and the 1on1 is the perfect blend for a boost in flexibility

The classes are build up on each other you will understand how your body moves and what is needed to relax.

You will beginn to sit taller, catching the attention of friends and colleagues with your newfound agility. 

Become the office mood-lifter without the help of double shot espressos – just pure energy, conscious breathing, and muscle relaxation has an tremendous effect on your energy. 

Keep yourself cool when the boss or your partner unleashes their inner storm – serenity level: expert yogi. Your mood is nothing that happens to you. it happens for you. In the next 3 month you will learn to create space for your feelings by watching your inner world. 

Was meine Schüler:innen sagen

“The morning routine is the reason why I get out of bed without a second thought. I feel less tired and have much more energy.” – Sambodhi

“I find it fascinating, that after 10 minutes, I feel fresh in my mind and perfectly prepared for the day.” – Martin 

“I did yoga for many years, but with Naresh I found the happiness & joy back. It seems very easy but it’s going really deep. It makes me happy.” – Bhavani

“Every day after I do it I feel energized, awake, natural in my body. And that it’s live makes a huge difference.” – Jayesh


That’s totally fine. Just send me an email and we figure out together which course fits you best.

The advantage to have a hybrid class comes in handy. Also here a recording is available and for you available after the weekly session.

There is a recording that allows you to practice independently. A weekly Q&A makes sure that we are all on track. 

You might feel uneasy, especially in the first few weeks. Your usual habits might tempt you to quit and go back to your old ways. But, believe that the initial discomfort will eventually go away.

Initially there is no equipment needed. After the first 2 weeks I will use 2 blocks and a yoga belt. When you come to the in person classes you will find everything there.

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