my way of teaching yoga

My yoga classes are a safety zone, to express, move and feel alive.
Slow execution, various tools, and precise instructions give you enough time to practice the positions “correctly.” The influences of your emotions are considered so that you learn to listen to your body. Letting go means trusting in your abilities. Where you are right now is exactly the right place.

what to expect

Good to know

Weekly Topics: Each week on monday we focus on a specific theme and deepen it trough out the days.

Yoga Routine at 7:05 from Monday to Thursday Incorporate a yoga routine into your daily life at 7:05. This helps you build a consistent practice at home.

Open Class: Drop into a open class every Tuesday. 

What my students say

“The morning routine is the reason why I get out of bed without a second thought. I feel less tired and have much more energy.” – Sambodhi

“I find it fascinating, that after 10 minutes, I feel fresh in my mind and perfectly prepared for the day.” – Martin 

“I did yoga for many years, but with Naresh I found the happiness & joy back. It seems very easy but it’s going really deep. It makes me happy.” – Bhavani

“Every day after I do it I feel energized, awake, natural in my body. And that it’s live makes a huge difference.” – Jayesh

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