A Community & Yoga Experience

May 8th - May 12th 2024

Yoga Retreat at the Humaniversity

experience a Vibrant way of living and moving

Are you curious?

join a vibrant community lifestyle with daily yoga moves and extended time to explore Eggmonds’ beautiful beaches, dunes and cafes. Immerse yourself in authentic community interactions. Enter a lifestyle that could captivate you. Move your body to feel vibrant yourself and match the high energy that this place provides.



How we will retreat

A welcome circle kicks off your 5-day Yoga Retreat. Following that, you’ll ease into a gentle landing session, incorporating slow-flow yoga postures and unwinding movements to help you relax after your travels.

The mornings set the day. A combination of breathwork, meditation and movement will align your energy. A 2,5 h Yoga Session which includes all long needed stretches and gives you enough space to open your body slowly.

Make the most of the breaks between sessions to savor delicious, nourishing, and vegetarian meals. Connect with fellow participants, join group excursions to explore Egmond, or simply relax in our community spaces. Take some personal time to unwind in the gardens and jot down your latest insights in a journal.

After a long break, we continue. We take some time to connect with each other, followed by more movement focusing on special areas in your body. Shoulders, hips and your lower back. In this afternoon sessions, you will also learn about your emotional holding patterns and how to really let go of tension.

On the final morning, we’ll review all the things you learned over the past four days. In the afternoon, there’s a concluding unwinding session before we wrap up your retreat with a closing circle. Following the retreat, the sauna will be open, so be sure to allocate enough time before you travel back home.

The Community

A school for personal growth and development, located directly on the North Sea Coast of The Netherlands, about an hour from Amsterdam. Eat together with likeminded people, share yourself with participants from the group. This 5 days will have an aftereffect. 

get the full experience


Experience the beauty of sharing the same space, creating lasting connections. Whether in the group room or the sleeping area, the sense of togetherness is deeply healing.

After a fulfilling day, retreat to your own cozy cubicle. Each bedspace has its own little table and walls for a safe haven, allowing you to feel both connected and at peace. Forge deep bonds with fellow participants in this enriching environment.

All of this for just 880.- EUR

Semi solitude

Private room

Stay overnight at the humaniversity with the luxury of a private bed. I personally love to stay in the same field where the reterat is happening, but have my own bed at night.

1.000 EUR limited availabilities

Come as a guest

Yoga only Package

Experience 2 mindful yoga sessions and share delightful meals with the group. Spend your breaks at the property and stay in one of the beautiful hotels just around the corner.

The Yoga Only Package is  500 EUR per person.
excl. accomadation and food.

If you wish to have food at the humaniversity, there is a 15€ fee for every meal you want to have inside the community. 

What is a buddhafield

A Buddhafield is often referred to as a harmonious and spiritually nurturing environment. At the Humaniversity, there is space to grow, to be yourself, and to share this self with others.

Prans DOjan

We practice twice a day in Prans Dojan. Your yoga practice is based on the Iyengar Style. Long holded postures, equipment like blocks and belts for support and accurate alignment makes your yogapractice a safe space.  In 5 Days you learn to listen to your body and get the answers from within. The way yoga moves you is to find out what moves you from within.

Age of Friendship

Joining Humaniversity is like stepping into a world where friendships last a lifetime. In this course, you’ll be seen in your most genuine and authentic self, forming connections that go beyond the surface. Get ready to build meaningful and lasting friendships.

What will happen to you joining the retreat?

By entering an altered environment that reduces external distractions, you can become present, and as a result, rest for your entire system becomes possible.

The Humaniversity is my 2nd Home because of the inspiration and the authenticity that I experience at this place.

The community is cooking for you. There will be food from all different parts of the world, depends on who runs the kitchen.

Shed off everything that is unnatural and pulls a lot of energy out of your system. So when you come back home you strive for the new projects in your life. 

No alcohol, no smoking, no social media, no phones. Why? Because every distraction is taking away energy from being your most authentic self. 

what to expect

Love is always the answer

Founder of the Humaniversity

What my students say



“One of the most important things I learned on this retreat was the importance of self-acceptance and spending time with yourself and your feelings. Another valuable aspect I took away from this retreat is the ability to create space. 

Naresh was an absolute inspiration in this process. His gentle manner and the loving support he provided to us participants was incredibly enriching.


Yes, absolutely. Iyengar yoga allows you to cater to your needs. With slow movements and precise alignment, even if you’ve never done yoga before, you can make the best out of it.

In the Iyengar System, an advanced yogi is someone who is able to stay present with what’s going on in the current moment. Iyengar provides long-held postures to allow more subtle energies to surface and be experienced. A wonderful feeling if you are already experienced in yoga or bodywork.

If you plan to stay at the Humaniversity, it’s best to inform us beforehand so that we can notify the kitchen and take care of your needs.

Trust your intuition and go for the first good feeling. I will contact you after to find out if any changes are required. 

I am naresh

A dedicaded Iyengar teacher since a decade. 

Suffering from severe back and shoulder pain my own body was my best teacher and the reason to dig deep into the Iyengar System. In 2019 when I opened up to emotional layer of my being by living and working in an therapeutic community, I understand the holding patterns in my body and found techniques to release that tension. 

My biggest passion is now to share my experiences with you to make the world a kinder place.

For me Yoga is not about performance is about being ok with who you are.

this is how i teach yoga

My yogaclasses are a safety zone, to express, move and feel alive.

Slow execution, various tools, and precise instructions give you enough time to practice the positions “correctly.” The influences of your emotions are considered so that you learn to listen to your body. Letting go means trusting in your abilities. Where you are right now is exactly the right place.

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May 8th -12th in 2024.

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