Yoga Retreat Ibiza

June 1st - 7th, 2024

A Yoga retreat for beginners and intermediates

from 1.494 EUR | guided by Naresh | Retreat language: german

Take a break and slow down

This is 5 hours of Yoga every day: Breath Work, Meditation and Emotional Work.

To fully get back to your energy you need to know what’s holding you back so that you can connect to yourself again. This is why emotional work is a crucial part of our retreat + yoga sessions.

We will practice and retreat in a private finca, nestled in the hills of ibiza on 25.000qm. We have a private pool, breath taking views and micro suites for ourselves.

No parties, no phones, no social media, no alcohol, so you can deeply detoxify from your daily life.

Our chefs will be cooking according your diet for brunch and dinner. It’s included.

You have the choice: Share your room or book your private space. Chooose one of the three room categories below. Accomodation is included.



I am naresh

A dedicaded Iyengar teacher since a decade. 

Suffering from severe back and shoulder pain my own body was my best teacher and the reason to dig deep into the Iyengar System. In 2019 when I opened up to emotional layer of my being by living and working in an therapeutic community, I understand the holding patterns in my body and found techniques to release that tension. 

My biggest passion is now to share my experiences with you to make the world a kinder place.

For me Yoga is not about performance is about being ok with who you are.

this is how i teach yoga

My yogaclasses are a safety zone, to express, move and feel alive.

Slow execution, various tools, and precise instructions give you enough time to practice the positions “correctly.” The influences of your emotions are considered so that you learn to listen to your body. Letting go means trusting in your abilities. Where you are right now is exactly the right place.

be One of the 12 happy faces in 2024

How we will retreat

From 3pm you are able to arrive at your new home for the next 6 days. Move into your room and enjoy the precious space of The Chettinad Retreat. At 6pm there will be a tour, to show you around before you meet each other for dinner. At 8pm we meet for the first time in the Yoga Dome to open your week with getting to know each other and an easy landing yin yoga session. Your evening ends at 10pm this day.

Start your day in silence at 8am. You have 30 min preparation time to get a tea or eat a fruit before you enter the Dome for a 2,5 hour yoga session. The mornings are packed with yoga essentials. Moving your body, breath work and shedding off layers of tension, stress and slowly allowing your body to open. 

Use the breaks in between the session to eat wonderful, nourishing, biological & vegetarian food, connect with participants from the group and go together on excursions to explore the Island. You can also spend some time for yourself by just relaxing at the pool, journaling your latest insights. Remember: Your retreat is on a 25.0000 square meter private land where you can be just for yourself.

After a long break in a stunning surrounding, we come back into the Yoga Dome. We take some time to connect with each other, followed by more movement focusing on special areas in your body. Shoulders, hips and your lower back. In this afternoon sessions, you will also learn about your emotional holding patterns and how to really let go of tension.

We use the last morning to meet in the Yoga Dome to practice once more before sending you off into the world again. You can have breakfast, or take some of the lovely prepared lunch packages, if life already takes you away early. There’ll be final hugs and numbers to exchange. At this stage there is no good bye anymore, just a see you soon. 

The location

A luxury finca, nestled on 25.000 square meters of private land, is a peaceful haven in the hills overlooking a rural valley on the island of Ibiza. 

above ibiza

The most basic retreat is truly above: Overlooking the hills of Ibiza, in a very exclusive setting of 12 yogis. This private group setting allows us to dig deep into your individual needs and we can make sure to get the best experience for each of you: Food according to your diet, a yoga practice that picks you up where you are right now and enough space for you to truly slow down and recharge.


The geodesic Yoga Dome is a unique space specifically designed for yoga. A perfect blend of long holding postures to feel, arrive and let go and flowing movements to get you into your energy, sweat and feel each muscle. The Yoga traditions lasts from Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. 

Here we will meet twice a day for our 2,5h yoga practice. So in total we spend 5 hours a day inside the Dome. In a couple of hours you will experience the benefit of your choice. Detox from social media, your phone, alcohol and cigarettes. Held in a clean setting that allows you to reduce, reset and recharge.

on your plate

This week, we’re excited to welcome two skilled chefs exclusively for our retreat. They specialize not only in preparing delicious vegetarian and organic meals, but are also well-versed in the macro and microbiological aspects of food preparation. To ensure we cater to your dietary preferences, please inform us in advance of any specific requirements. Throughout the week, you can look forward to a richt, heartful brunch and a light dinner, perfectly complementing your intensive yoga sessions. We’re committed to making your nourishment experience enjoyable and perfect tailored to your needs.


If you have questions and want to learn more about the retreat, just text Naresh via WhatsApp!

Choose your haven

We'll share the same space, but with very individual needs. Choose one of our three room categories and find your perfect haven.


zen suite

Our largest double room, and the undisputed favorite. Stairs leading to the Yoga Dome can be accessed directly from the private terrace. 

  • Private terrace
  • Private bathtub
  • Hot outdoor shower
  • Direct access to swimming pool
  • Dressing room with additional wardrobe
  • Access to small inner courtyard

2.100 EUR p. person as double room
4.990 EUR  as single use booking


micro Suites

YIN & YAN are a delight for those who are comforted by cozy spaces. Intimate in scale, but long on charm. 

COCOON is generous room of lovely proportions is a quintessential light-filled cube. 

Just a few steps away from the main house, Terra Cottage is perfect for guests who prefer to relax and recharge in semi-solitude, 

1.794 EUR p. person as double room
2.394 EUR  as single use booking

classic CATEGORY

The Loft

Want a private rooftop? You get one! Relax on your own rooftop terrace during the yoga breaks and enjoy the probably most beautiful sunset views on the whole property.

NEST & PERCH are double rooms and share the same room entrance. both rooms are open to each other. It has more privacy than a classic quad as the two sleeping areas do not share the same floor. 

1.494 EUR p. person